I’ve moved to a new home! Again.

If you have been following my blog since my early years of wordpressing (is that a word?) and wondered what ever the hell happened to me, I apologize for suddenly disappearing from your Reader. I moved. Again.

It is but unfortunate that I lost access to my old blog The Vanilla Housewife due to hosting problems. My host suddenly closed shop without informing their customers in advance. I thought it was just a bug when I couldn’t access my site one particular day and thought nothing about it because we all know things like these happen on the interwebs, right?

Life happened and I totally forgot about it until a few friends reached out telling me they haven’t been able to open my blog for several days already. Yikes!

Hosting website was down so I had no way of contacting them, reached out to the main server (hosting was a reseller) and they told me shit just hit the fan and there was no way for me to retrieve my old posts.


Long story short, I had to start from scratch and I’m very happy to say that I now have a new home! And I would totally appreciate if you can follow me there!

Okay, I’m begging. 😀

All you have to do is go to the right side of your reader and look for this and click on edit:


and enter my blog url http://www.themissusv.com and hit follow.

Easy peasy.

From now on, I will be posting at The Missus V but will be keeping this account active mainly because of the reader.





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